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Sedona and Oak Creek

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Sedona and Oak Creek, Arizona


Graced by stunning red-rock formations, Sedona and Oak Creek will fill you with wonder. As you come along Highway 179, you will pass through Oak Creek. The red rock formations there are different to those in Sedona. They are closer up and they stand alone, making them just gorgeous for photos. It's hard to believe such a plain little town could have grown up around such marvelous beauty.
Continue on and you will reach Sedona, an attractive hippie town, where a massive canyon wall of reddest red will await you. Separate formations such as Coffee Pot Rock, Chimney Rock, and Thunder Mountain add to the delight. See if you can find the shapes that they are named after! It's fun to stop to have lunch in Sedona and take in the views. At Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant, you can take in a panoramic view of the red rock from a huge covered deck. It feels amazing to sit out there! We found some other restaurants with slightly better food but no views, and decided that the views matter more. You will be missing out if you don't have an awesome view when you dine in Sedona!
Sedona is a large area, with many hikes. Some of the best are along Oak Creek. Try the West Fork Oak Creek trail, a 3-mile (one way) easy hike that follows a creek through the high cliff walls of a slot canyon. It's exhilarating to look up at the cliffs above and right beside you! Fall is a nice time of year to do this hike. If you come in summer, arrive early so you can hike before it gets hot! Spring is a nice time to come because there are wildflowers of every color, hummingbirds, and butterflies in the clearing near the trailhead. Arrive early on weekends because of crowds.
A 4wd tour is another option, and some people really enjoy the spiritual tours to the vortexes, electromagnetic areas from which New Agers believe healing energy emanates.
Don't miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime drive through Oak Creek Canyon and a fun swim at Slide Rock.


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View of Bell Rock from town of Oak Creek.
View of Bell Rock from town of Oak Creek.
View from town of Oak Creek.
View from town of Oak Creek.
View on the way to Sedona.
View on the way to Sedona.
Red, red rocks of Sedona.
Red, red rocks of Sedona.
Sedona town.
Sedona town.


To get to Oak Creek, take Highway 179 from Highway 17. Continue along Highway 179 to get to Sedona.
To get to Oaxaca Restaurant, turn right from Highway 179 onto Highway 89A. You are now in Uptown Sedona. Soon, turn left on Apple Rd. Turn left again into the parking lot.
Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant, 321 State Route 89A, Sedona AZ 86336, call (928) 282-4179.
To get to the West Fork Oak Creek hike, drive north along Highway 89A for 9.5 miles from Sedona. At the 384 milepost, turn into the Call of the Canyon day area for parking. It costs $10 per car to park here. Walk a quarter mile south and you will come to the trailhead, on the west side of the highway down a paved lane that leads between a few houses.

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11/23/2010 09:15
Amazing! Coming soon to visit my folks here...luv it.

10/09/2009 20:04
Fantastic shot!!!

10/01/2009 16:01
One of the most mystical vortexes ever felt.

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