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Consolidated Gold Mine, Dahlonega

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Consolidated Gold Mine, Dahlonega, Georgia Georgia


A visit to Consolidated Gold Mine makes a strong impression on kids and teaches them about the history of Dahlonega! My daughter was talking about her gold panning for weeks after.
When you arrive at the mine you first pan for gold in stations of water. A prepared pan with caked mud and a few specks of gold is given to each tour guest. It is quite hard to do the motion you need to do to get rid of the mud and keep the gold in the pan, and makes you respect the hard work of the gold-seekers back in the day! If you can't finish, the men working will help you. You are then given your specks of gold in a little vial to take home.
After, you descend into the mine for the tour. A lively guide tells you about the difficulty of mining, and points out the interesting geologic features underground as you pass them. He shows you how the tools were used. The miners risked so many things, including losing their hearing from the loud tools.
If you've watched the video at the Gold Museum in Dahlonega town square, you will know even more about Consolidated Gold Mine and that will add to your experience.
Dahlonega is where the first gold rush in the US took place, in 1828.


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An area removed for gold!
An area removed for gold!
The guide points out a feature of the rock.
The guide points out a feature of the rock.
The dangerous tools used by the miners.
The dangerous tools used by the miners.
A small section of stalagmites.
A small section of stalagmites.


Consolidated Gold Mine is located at 185 Consolidated Gold Mine Rd, Dahlonega GA 30533, call (706) 864-8473.

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