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MGM Grand Resort

Las Vegas, NV
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MGM Grand Resort, Las Vegas Nevada


Don't miss out on seeing the MGM Grand Lion Habitat! It's right in the casino, and it's extraordinary. There is a tunnel with glass over your head, and when we were there, the lions were sitting on the glass. They were literally a foot away from us, and we could see every detail of them! Then the trainer came in and played some ball with them- you have to admire that guy's gutsiness! It's a treat like no other to be able to see a lion up so close. Usually in zoos the lions are so far away and are camouflaged into the surroundings, but not here. And a good thing to know is that the lions don't live in the casino. At the end of each day, they are taken home to the ranch where they live, so they get to roam free!
The rest of the MGM Grand consists mostly of slot machines, and a stunning nightclub-looking lobby. The Rainforest Cafe looks cool for kids, with snakes hanging from the ceiling and a large fish tank inside. But it's so smoky in this casino that I couldn't stand the thought of staying in there any longer, so we never tried the cafe.
Cross over the pedestrian bridge to New York New York Resort, where the New York skyline will awe you, and you can walk around Greenwich Village inside the casino.
If all the buzz and drama at The Strip is getting to you and you need a break, head out west along Charleston Blvd to Red Rock Canyon, where the pink and red rocks against the brilliant desert sky will renew and restore you, and make you ready for more lights and action!


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Onlookers enjoy a close-up view of the lions.
Onlookers enjoy a close-up view of the lions.
Like cats, the lions play with plastic balls.
Like cats, the lions play with plastic balls.
The trendy casino/lobby area at the MGM Grand.
The trendy casino/lobby area at the MGM Grand.


MGM Grand Hotel is located at 3799 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV 89109, on the corner of Tropicana Avenue. There is a pedestrian bridge that leads to it from the New York New York Hotel. Call (702) 891-1111.
There are restrooms by the Rainforest Cafe.
You can park in the hotel parking for free.
The Las Vegas Monorail has a stop at this hotel, so you can ride from here to any of the other stops: Paris, Flamingo, Harrah's. Then the monorail leaves The Strip and goes to the Hilton and the Convention Center. They should have made it along the whole Strip, if you ask me!

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02/26/2010 20:40
My daughter loved seeing the animals, she wouldn't let us leave!

12/22/2009 13:34
Wow - I can afford to visit, now!

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