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LAX Lookout Point, El Segundo

Los Angeles, CA
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LAX Lookout Point, El Segundo, Los Angeles California


LAX Lookout Point, also called Clutter's Park, is a spot on a hill slightly above Los Angeles Airport where you can watch the planes land and take off. It's really just a sidewalk with some chess tables, benches, and blue telescopes. There's usually people here hanging out with binoculars checking out the goings on at LAX. LAX workers sometimes come here to relax for a while. Kids might like to watch the planes but nerdy husbands like it the best!!
Another place to hang out near LAX is the UFO-shaped building's observation deck open on weekends, see: Theme Building. Burton Chace Park is my favorite place to go when waiting to pick someone up from LAX. 
To get out of the industrial area, head south on Highway 1 then east on Manhattan Beach Blvd to wonderful Polliwog Park where you will find four varied playground areas! Or get some fresh air at Manhattan Beach.


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Father and daughter checking out the airplanes.
Father and daughter checking out the airplanes.
You can see the UFO-shaped Encounter Restaurant from up here.
You can see the UFO-shaped Encounter Restaurant from up here.
Crossing paths...
Crossing paths...
Blue telescope at LAX Lookout Point.
Blue telescope at LAX Lookout Point.


From Imperial Hwy, turn south on Main St to go up the hill. Then turn left on Imperial Ave. You will see telescopes on your left. Park along the road near Sheldon Street and enjoy!

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07/27/2012 11:08
I love this place. I've been coming here with my son. He has summer camp here the whole week. Since then, every day, I bring hot lunch from home and we eat here. He loves it here and asked to eat here every day. We enjoyed watching the planes take off and land. With our binoculars, he gets to read all the names of the planes he sees. What a great memory mommy and son has on this spot! Thank you!

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