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Malibu Hindu Temple, Calabasas

Los Angeles, CA
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Malibu Hindu Temple, Calabasas, Los Angeles California


It's fun to visit the Malibu Hindu Temple and to get the feeling that you're in India. The intricate decorative detail is something we don't see much in our culture. You must take off your shoes (it is very cold on the marble floor) to enter the inner courtyard, though you can see plenty from the outside too. The temple is located in the Santa Monica mountains on a country road. While in the area, check out King Gillette Ranch, just two minutes drive away. Paramount Ranch is also fun to visit, with its well-kept Western town.
After, have a lovely meal and a stroll past landscaping and sculptures at Calabasas Commons, 13 minutes drive away toward LA.



Malibu Hindu Temple is located at 1600 Las Virgenes Canyon Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302. There is a parking lot.

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