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Paramount Ranch, Agoura Hills

Los Angeles, CA
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Paramount Ranch, Agoura Hills, Los Angeles California


Paramount Ranch is fun to visit! It was leased by Paramount Studios in 1923 and many movies have been filmed there. The Western town has everything a town needs: a hotel, sheriff station, saloon, farmers exchange, general store, trapper, saddlery, and a little church set in a green field. It's amusing to walk around and pretend you're in a Western! After you can walk the pretty, fairly shady trails that curve around the hillside. 
Continue driving along scenic Mulholland Hwy east to King Gillette Ranch and Malibu Hindu Temple.



Paramount Ranch is located at 2903 Cornell Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301. Open 8am-8pm. Entrance is free.

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