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Promenade at Howard Hughes Center

Los Angeles, CA
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Promenade at Howard Hughes Center, Los Angeles California


The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center is close to the airport, which makes it a good place to go if your flight is delayed for two hours or more. Kids enjoy running around the fountain on the lower level, and you can grab an icecream cone at Ben and Jerry's while you're there. There's a super clean bathroom in the hallway near the icecream store. There's also a Borders Bookstore- it's not a very spacious one but it'll do. There's a Nordstrom Rack which is always a good place to find bargain clothes. And there are a few generic restaurants.
A fun activity is the glow-in-the-dark miniature golf at Putting Edge, where shapes and cut-outs leap out at you under the black lights.
This mall doesn't really catch the sun and it often gets a chilly wind through it. It's not that cozy, but it is ok for killing a few hours if you need to be at LAX. LAX itself has nowhere nice to hang out, except the UFO restaurant.
If you can ventura a little further from LAX, check out Marina del Rey with its nautical feel or Venice Beach with its graffitied palm trees and muscly guys.


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Inside the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream- nice views!
Inside the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream- nice views!
The cinemas.
The cinemas.


From Highway 405 northbound take exit 49A for Howard Hughes Parkway and turn right. Turn right on Park Terrace and it leads to the mall.
From Highway 405 southbound take exit 49A for Howard Hughes Parkway and turn left. Turn left on Center Dr.
You can park for a fee in the parking structure.
Putting Edge, call (310) 348-9770.

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04/02/2010 19:36
Parking sucks but its a good Nordstrom Rack

10/01/2009 14:10
I like it!

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