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Seaside Beach

Monterey, CA
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Seaside Beach, Monterey California


Seaside Beach is a wide stretch of beach with white sand and a lagoon that mirrors the sky. Sometimes you can hear seals barking loudly or see birds cover the sky in formation. The winds are chilly here so bring a jacket. Come with your lover and watch the gorgeous sunset while you snuggle together to keep warm.
For a warmer place to go for a walk, check out Laguna Grande, just 1/2 a mile away.


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Birds making formations in the sky, at sunset.
Birds making formations in the sky, at sunset.


Seaside State Beach is located at 1724 Sand Dunes Dr, Sand City CA 93955.
From Hwy 1, exit at Seaside and turn toward the ocean on Canyon Del Rey Blvd. There is a parking lot right by the sand.

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