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Carolina Basketball Museum, UNC Chapel Hill

North Carolina
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Carolina Basketball Museum, UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina NC


Carolina Basketball Museum is an attractive, interesting museum in the lower part of the UNC Chapel Hill campus, by the stadium. The museum is laid out like a basketball court, which makes it very beautiful inside! First you see a movie about UNC basketball, which really makes you appreciate how great the school spirit is at the games. Inside the museum, there are handsome displays of jerseys, shoes, trophies, and most interesting, letters. I loved reading the letters from Coach Dean Smith to Michael Jordan, both before and after he signed on. There are also plenty of video stations where you can watch footage of pivotal moments in games, or about certain players.
It is a seventeen minute walk north, uphill, plain, and shadeless, from the museum to the main part of the UNC campus. On hot days you're probably better off driving and parking near campus along the road on Franklin St or Raleigh St.



Carolina Basketball Museum is located at 450 Skipper Bowles Dr, Chapel Hill NC 27514, on the lower part of the UNC campus.
Open M-F 10-4, Saturday 9-1, closed Sundays.
Admission is free.
Park in the Manning Lot and walk three minutes to the museum.

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