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Chapel Hill Community Center Park

North Carolina
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Chapel Hill Community Center Park, North Carolina NC


Chapel Hill Community Center Park has a fantastic playground for kids. It is large enough to keep them busy for hours and there are always kids to be found here to play with. Kids especially like the three-person spinning swing (sort of like a tire swing but made of plastic). The swing is usually in the shade, which is great on hot days. 
There is also a community center with rock climbing, indoor pool, and classes. A small rose garden is sweet too.
Bolin Creek bike path starts here. At the beginning, there is a roaring creek that is lovely to hear. Unfortunately, there are large sewer vents (big cylinders) that make for a bit of a smelly walk. Also maybe there's a halfway house nearby because there are some odd people hanging around- come with a friend. Some areas along the path have beautiful overgrown tropical vegetation. The bike path leads all the way to Umstead Park near the UNC campus, except for one broken area where you have to use some stepping stones and walk a homemade ladder to get to the next part of the path.



Chapel Hill Community Center Park is located at 120 S Estes Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. There is plenty of parking in the lot.

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