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Coker Arboretum, UNC Chapel Hill

North Carolina
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Coker Arboretum, UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina NC


Coker Arboretum is a quiet spot to take a minute in nature, on the east end of the UNC Chapel Hill campus. It's an easy place to visit if you come early in the day because there is metered parking along Raleigh Rd right by it. It is not impressive like the Mathias Botanical Garden at UCLA, but it is a peaceful place to walk under the pine and oak trees and see some flowers here and there. Students particularly like the 300 foot long arbor hung with purple wisteria in the spring. Coker was a Botany professor who used these boggy acres in 1903 to start developing a garden for botanical studies. After your stroll, check out the gorgeous buildings on campus, just steps away, as well as Chapel of the Cross, on the north end of the arboretum. This church is Episcopalian, with two distinct architectural styles. Check out the castle-like towers and chunky sandstone archways.



Coker Arboretum can be accessed at 151 Raleigh St, where there are metered parking spots (by credit card) along the road, and little gates that lead into the arboretum. Parking is around $2 an hour. 
The arboretum is open daily from dawn to dusk, and entry is free.

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