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Duke University west campus and chapel, Durham

North Carolina
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Duke University west campus and chapel, Durham, North Carolina NC


You can pretend you're in Europe as you walk around the west campus of Duke University. Its famous Gothic architecture is gorgeous! Each building, archway, decorative detail, and adorable window make your heart leap! And grassy quads under bountiful shade make for an idyllic place. 
Check out the Duke Chapel, a major tourist destination. It's lovely to walk around its exterior, admiring arches, spires, and wooden doors with decorative ironwork. The interior of the chapel didn't appeal to me as much- the stained glass is too detailed and the dimensions are a little too grand and lacking intimacy- but it's still impressive nonetheless.
It's nice to hangout by the Student Bookstore, where there are several patios under leafy trees. With the Gothic buildings in the distance, and a frame of delicate leaves, the views from these patios are memorable. There are plenty of four-seater rockers with blue plush seating on these patios! Browse the bookstore which has Duke apparel and a small section of books. 
Walk inside the Duke library and admire the vaulted ceiling and arched windows.
At exactly google's stated time for sunset, you can see fireflies all around campus in the grassy patches and forested areas in summer!
Make sure you save plenty of time to explore the world-class Sarah P. Duke Gardens, adjacent to Duke's west campus.
Duke University is named after Washington Duke, tobacco tycoon, who gave large donations to the university. His donations came with the stipulation that the college "open its doors to women, placing them on an equal footing with men." He was way ahead of his time!
Washington's sons James and Benjamin also gave generously to the university. Sarah P. Duke Gardens is named after Benjamin's wife.  James was the father of only one child, Doris Duke, who created Doris Duke Shangri-la.
After, check out the hip coffee shops and restaurants in Durham town. Cocoa Cinnamon (the one on Hillsborough Rd is the closest) is six minutes away! Guglhupf Bakery and Cafe on Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd is eight minutes away.


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Summer evening stroll at Duke campus.
Summer evening stroll at Duke campus.
Golden light of evening at Duke Campus.
Golden light of evening at Duke Campus.
The buildings on campus just melt your heart at sunset.
The buildings on campus just melt your heart at sunset.


Duke University's parking lot and structure is located at 123 Science Drive, Durham. It costs $2 per hour and you pay with credit card in a machine. You must know your license plate number to pay at the machine.

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