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Falls Lake Dam, Raleigh

North Carolina
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Falls Lake Dam, Raleigh, North Carolina NC


Falls Lake is a pretty spot, where you can fish from a dock, hike the trails with views through the trees of the blue water, or sit on a picnic blanket on the lawn at the shore. Another fun thing to do is watch the powerful water come pouring out of the dam. The roaring water makes slightly stinky airborne drops so this isn't my favorite place, but ok to see one time.
Choose the Falls Park Dam Parking lot to see the rushing water. There are also some parking spaces on Falls Management Center Rd.
Afterward, have a treat at upscale Market at Colonnade Shopping Plaza, a twelve minute drive away. 



The Falls Dam Parking Lot is located on Pleasant Union Church Rd, Raleigh. You can also park in a few spots on Falls Management Center Road.

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