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Hillsborough Riverwalk and Town

North Carolina
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Hillsborough Riverwalk and Town, North Carolina NC


Hillsborough is a nice little town to visit on the weekend. Hang out at Weaver Street Market, which has a great outdoor seating area filled with people. Then walk a few steps to the Riverwalk, which runs 1.8 miles from end to end. It's a lovely walk, sometimes on wooden boardwalk, sometimes on paved path, and sometimes on hardpacked dirt. The scenery varies- there is an occasional open field, some strange upright sticks, inspirational graffiti, and best of all tall trees and bright green leaves catching the light. It is mostly shady. At one point you cross a bridge over the Eno River and watch the brown water below you. Kids enjoy having stick races, where they drop a stick each from the bridge and see whose stick travels the fastest. 
On the west end you come to a historic speedway, and on the east end you reach Gold Park, which has a playground.
In some parts of the greenway there are large sewer cylinders which smell unbearable in summer.



Park at Eno River Parking Lot next door to Weaver Street Market, 228 S. Churton St, Hillsborough NC 27278.

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