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Honeysuckle Tea House, Chapel Hill

North Carolina
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Honeysuckle Tea House, Chapel Hill, North Carolina NC


Honeysuckle Tea House is a unique and adorable place! Here you can sit in an open-air log structure high up over planters filled with veggies. You look out at forest, and a pasture with rows of food and even beehives. The best part is the green all around you and the sweet breeze. 
Lots of young people and families hang out here on the weekend, just chatting and enjoying the delicious drinks. Try the milk oolong tea, or an icy smoothie. You can also order beer, wine, coffee, and some baked goods. 
Kids love to come here because of the playground, sand pit, and to roam free, squirting puddle water with water guns and just having fun. Parents can watch from above, in the tea house.
The tea house is built so beautifully and its open-air atmosphere makes you feel like you're in Ubud, Bali or somewhere tropical. There is also a wholesome Carolina feel, what you would imagine North Carolina to be like.
After, take a stroll along Lake Hogan Farm Greenway, eight minutes drive to the east.



Honeysuckle Tea House is located at 8871 Pickards Meadow Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516.
Open Thurs-Sun 9-9.
There is plenty of parking in the parking lot.

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