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Lake Hogan Farm Greenway, Chapel Hill

North Carolina
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Lake Hogan Farm Greenway, Chapel Hill, North Carolina NC


Lake Hogan Farm Greenway is a peaceful greenway in a quiet suburb of Chapel Hill. Here you walk in the shade of tall trees, past lovely fragrant flowers and almost tropical foliage. It's charming! You can't hear the creek much, only in some spots. On the east end of the greenway, the paved path suddenly stops and throws you onto gravel. 
On the west end of the greenway you get to Lake Hogan, which has some benches and a large wooden gazebo over the lake. See the cute turtles bobbing their heads out of the water. There are some open grassy areas and one has a large amazing oak tree. I like the varied nature of this greenway compared to others. You can continue on west past Lake Hogan even though it looks on google maps like the path ends.
After, have a refreshing icy smoothie, beer, coffee, or tea at Honeysuckle Tea House, an eight minute drive away, an unusual and magical open-air spot with lots of play equipment for kids.
You could also go to Maple View Farm Ice Cream and sit in a rocking chair on their long patio eating creamy ice cream!



Park along the road at Long Meadows Rd where it meets Lake Hogan Farm Rd and from there you can walk to the greenway and you can choose to go east or west on the path.

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