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Northgate Park, Durham

North Carolina
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Northgate Park, Durham, North Carolina NC


In the Research Triangle, you sometimes feel starved for grassy spots- most of the walking paths go through pure forest without any grassy patches. But Northgate Park is not like that! This is a beautiful park that belonged to the Barfields (who donated it) so it's had some human care and design added to it. There are very tall wonderful trees, winding walking paths, blossoming purple trees (in summer), and plenty of grassy spots to accent the scene. What joy! There is a creek strewn with purple petals, and picnic tables in the shade. For kids, there's a space-age playground with full shade- perfect for summer. There are also tennis courts and a fenced dog park.
The ruins of the Lavendar House- fireplace, foundation, and gates- are here. Flowers are still being planted in the planter! Built in the 1930s, it was a Children's Museum and then the Museum of Life and Science, but it was deconstructed because it's in a floodplain.
From Northgate Park, you can take the Ellerbee Creek Trail to extend your walk. It follows a creek through the forest. It would be lovely except for the fact that the sewer is here releasing strong gases every few meters along the path. In summer it is impossible to bear and at other times, less stinky but probably still pretty unhealthy.
Nearby, check out the Museum of Life and Science, one of the nicest (and priciest) places you can visit in Durham!



Northgate Park is located at 404 W. Lavendar Ave, Durham NC 27704.

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