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Patchwork Farm Blueberry Picking, Chapel Hill

North Carolina
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Patchwork Farm Blueberry Picking, Chapel Hill, North Carolina NC


It feels so good to visit Patchwork Farm during blueberry season (mid-June to early July)! The farm is a clearing of land in the middle of the forest. Here you'll find tall blueberry bushes full of plump delicious blueberries! The owners do not spray the plants- only rainwater goes on them! There are things for little kids to do while you pick- a slide and a play house. There are also buckets you can use to hold the blueberries. It costs $2.50 a pound. After, make a yummy blueberry pie, and you have a whole day of activities!
Nearby, have a climb on the amazing playground at Southern Community Park on your way home.



Patchwork Farm is located at 1575 Old Lystra Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517. During berry picking season, you will see signs (and sometimes balloons) at the end of their gravel driveway.
Open 8-2 on weekend days during blueberry season. Call (919) 590-9849 to listen to the recording about whether they are open.

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