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Riverwalk restaurants, Wilmington

North Carolina
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Riverwalk restaurants, Wilmington, North Carolina NC


It's wonderful to stroll along the Riverwalk, enjoying the strong cool breeze! The Riverwalk goes for miles, but the main part is just south of where Market Street ends. Here it looks like the Riverwalk ends but continue on and you will find lovely restaurants over the water. The best one is The Pilot House Restaurant, with a huge outdoor deck, friendly service, live music, and good food. 
Where Market Street ends you can find a juggler in the evenings. He puts on a good show and includes kids in the fun.
Watch the sunset over the water, sip a drink, stroll along for as long as you desire, and have a great evening! The water is very brown but it's still a wonderful scene here.
For more excitement and a younger crowd, head inland one block to Front Street, downtown Wilmington, which is lined with bars and cafes.
Also, walk inland on Market Street and check out the gorgeous mansions and churches. From The Pilot House Restaurant, walk only four blocks inland on Ann Street to see the basilica.
Don't miss out on Airlie Gardens, a twenty minute drive away. It is so beautiful with its old trees hung with moss and water views.



You can start your stroll where Market Street meets the water. Head south along the boardwalk for cafes. Head north for walking for miles.
The Pilot House Restaurant, 2 Ann St, Wilmington NC 28401.

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