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Shelley Lake Park, Raleigh

North Carolina
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Shelley Lake Park, Raleigh, North Carolina NC


It's pleasant to walk the two-mile paved loop around Shelley Lake. Half the time you are in the shade of thick forest with just peeks of the water. The rest of the time you're in the sun in open fields where geese congregate. You can hear the geese making wild noises, and also have to watch out for geese poop which is all over the path! In the forest there are two bald eagle nests. We saw an eagle sitting on a branch, which was exciting! Exercise stations line the path, and at the end there is a playground with toddler structure, bigger kid structure, diggers, and bouncy trucks.
After, have lunch at Crabtree Valley Mall, a six minute drive away, where there are many upscale chain restaurants.



Shelley Lake Park is located at 1400 W Millbrook Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612. There is plenty of free parking.

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