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Diamond Head Road Overlooks

Oahu, HI
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Diamond Head Road Overlooks, Oahu Hawaii


Diamond Head Road Overlooks are several lookouts along Diamond Head Road that you can pull into by car. You can gaze over Black Point and the little coves below. Instead of parking at the lookouts, I prefer to make a walk of this area by parking further down on Paki Ave, beside beautiful Kapiolani Park. Starting at Kapiolani Park, I love to take in the happy feel of the big triangular park. Dry yellow-green lawns dotted with twisted shower trees, children playing ball and flying kites, fit soccer players sweating out a game, and sometimes even a glimpse of a lanky giraffe's neck from over in Honolulu Zoo. Walking along Kalakaua Ave, I turn right on Kiele Rd and delight in the little gingerbread houses that seem so out of place in Hawaii. If coming from Paki Ave, I take a little detour to the right onto Poni Moi Rd and then left on Kiele Rd. A left turn on Coconut Avenue leads me out of the gingerbread neighborhood and onto Diamond Head Rd. I walk past lovely beach access parks and the attractive Diamond Head lighthouse, and then stop to rest on the stone wall at one of the lookouts. It's a great, short hike!
From the lookouts, you can walk down a path to the beach. It's not a nice place to swim because it's rocky. Walk along the sand toward Kahala and you will find coves, such as Doris Duke Beach that have great swimming and snorkeling.


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Diamond Head Beach as seen from the overlooks.
Diamond Head Beach as seen from the overlooks.
If you walk a while around the sand to the left after descending down to Diamond Head Beach, you will find these great swimming beaches.
If you walk a while around the sand to the left after descending down to Diamond Head Beach, you will find these great swimming beaches.


Use your GPS to find this spot: 3475 Diamond Head Rd, Honolulu HI 96816. Park along the road on Kalakaua Ave, or Paki Ave, to do the walk. There is a large parking lot on the park side of Paki Ave and a restroom. Otherwise, simply pull off by car into one of the lookouts on the ocean side of Diamond Head Rd for a nice view.

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12/27/2016 04:57
Ahhhhh miss this

01/05/2011 19:18
I am loving your photos... they make me a little homesick for Hawaii.

08/16/2010 04:56
mmmmhhh I'm still doesn't know the small road going to diamond head beach before lighthouse ,is still far a way from kalakau ave cross street from kapilioni park? I'm try doing to find out where is it for two time walk until the end of the kapilioni park,in the border the park with diamond head beach they no way to go there because in the front the beach is hotel new otani and another motel. So I'm need to know how far and how to got there

03/20/2010 16:18
huge halo around the moon when we were there- love this view

10/22/2009 19:08
Countdown, now only 10 days til we'll be there!!!!

10/06/2009 14:38

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