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Kaena Point

Oahu, HI
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Kaena Point, Oahu Hawaii


No wonder the ancient Hawaiians believed that Kaena Point was the place where souls leapt into the afterlife. There is a mysterious feeling at Kaena Point. Huge mountains loom above you, the earth is stark and rocky, the wild ocean crashes on the rocks, and clouds linger above. It's a great feeling to be in nature in its most rugged form!
The hike here is moderately difficult, and some say it's the most beautiful and peaceful spot on Oahu!
It's a lovely drive along Farrington Highway to Kaena Point past Mokuleia Beach, where you can see colorful kite surfers, and the Lost Set, which is at Camp Erdman and looks just like in the show!


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Stopping along the hike to enjoy the ocean.
Stopping along the hike to enjoy the ocean.


From the North Shore, follow the signs to Mokuleia or Waialua. Follow Farrington Highway past Dillingham Airfield and Camp Erdman. After that, you will come to Kaena Point State Park on your right. The parking lot is marked with a red tab on the map- click "satellite" to see it from the air. Notice the amazing mountain range in the satellite photo.

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