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Mokuleia Beach, North Shore

Oahu, HI
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Mokuleia Beach, North Shore, Oahu Hawaii


There is a mysterious, intense feeling on this part of the island. Maybe because the mountains are so high, looming above the coast, and they catch the dark clouds. But it's a good feeling, like you are really part of nature, rugged and wild!
It's nice to come to Mokuleia Beach and to sink your toes into the fine white sand and watch the kite surfers. There are usually many of them out there so you will have a whole rainbow of kite colors before your eyes. It's amazing how big the kites are and how high in the air they sail. You will also see glider planes coasting beside the tall mountains, ready to land at Dillingham Airstrip.
While you're in Mokuleia, check out the set for Lost, the TV show. Nearby is Kaena Point, where souls jump off into the afterlife according to ancient Hawaiian tradition.
A 20 minute drive away, check out Haleiwa town, the center of the North Shore surf culture.
Aweoweo Beach Park is eleven minutes drive to the east, and has a fantastic playground and a lively energy.


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The nice sand at Mokuleia Beach.
The nice sand at Mokuleia Beach.
A kitesurfer!
A kitesurfer!
The multi-colored view of five kitesurfers.
The multi-colored view of five kitesurfers.
The gorgeous mountains behind Mokuleia Beach.
The gorgeous mountains behind Mokuleia Beach.


For your GPS you can use this address: 68 State Hwy 930, Mokuleia HI 96791. From the north shore, follow the signs to Mokuleia or Waialua. You will be on Farrington Hwy. Turn into the driveway for Mokuleia Beach Park and there is plenty of parking!

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