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Cambria town

San Luis Obispo, CA
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Cambria town, San Luis Obispo California


Cambria town has a few streets of charming yet pricey restaurants. The town has a bit of a stuffy, overpriced feel to it which isn't very appealing. Cayucos, which is slightly funky, or Morro Bay, which is a laidback maritime town, have a way better feel.
There is a health food store called Soto's True Earth Market where you can find good food in the deli in the back, in case you're desperate after eating the overpriced food in Cambria.
The strand of trees above the town are beautiful. At night there are some glowing lampposts, and at Christmastime some lights strung prettily from the historic buildings. It is very cold in Cambria so come prepared with a jacket and scarf!
At Christmastime, don't miss the Cambria Pines Lodge Christmas Market, where there are millions of LED lights that take about an hour to walk through! You reserve online and then take a shuttle bus from Burton Drive. It's a little too crowded which takes away some of the magic.



The main part of Cambria town is located at Main Street and Burton Drive, Cambria CA 93428.

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