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Corallina Cove, Montana de Oro State Park

San Luis Obispo, CA
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Corallina Cove, Montana de Oro State Park, San Luis Obispo California


To access Corallina Cove, you hike along the Bluff Trail and down some steps. The trail takes you past beautiful ocean vistas where you can look down on Spooner's Cove, across to Morro Rock, or on the waves crashing on rocks. Once you reach Corallina Cove, there are tidepools galore to explore. A sign tells you what to look for: mussels, ochre sea stars, octopuses, turban snails, giant keyhole limpets, sunburst anemones, brittle stars, black abalone, rock crabs, lined shore crabs, and red and purple sea urchins. We saw many of these! The beach is made of coarse sand, not pebbles like Spooner's Cove. There is plenty to explore- driftwood, kelp balls, and pebbles of all sizes and shapes. Schools often take trips out here to introduce kids to tidepool ecosystems. Spend some time getting back to nature!
After running around in nature, you'll be thirsty or hungry. For a coffee in a serene setting, head over to Baywood Park Pier. There is also a nice Starbucks with a sunny front patio in Los Osos town. You could also have dinner in Morro Bay and walk around the docks listening to the seals.



To access Corallina Cove, park in the parking lot just past and above Spooner's Cove. Then walk the Bluff Trail to the stairs where you see a sign telling you you're at Corallina Cove.

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