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Downtown Center Mall, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, CA
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Downtown Center Mall, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo California


Downtown Center Mall is an upbeat, attractive mall along the main strip in downtown San Luis Obispo, at 893 Higuera Street. It looks newer and cleaner than the rest of the town and makes for a nice place to hang out. There are flowerpots, a statue, and colorful umbrellas. A two-storey Barnes and Noble Booksellers provides a nice escape with kids after a long day exploring the coast. Pizza Solo is a good spot to eat with creative pizza choices (limited indoor seating). Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and California Pizza Kitchen (indoor only) are other options. There's also a movie theater. Cal Poly students are everywhere and liven up the scene. They look clean-cut and sure of themselves, which is refreshing. I like this part of San Luis Obispo!
Just half a block north of here on Higuera Street is another wonderful downtown mall called Court Street Mall. It has an alley that makes you feel like you're in Europe!


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Sidewalk cafes and Starbucks.
Sidewalk cafes and Starbucks.
Jamba Juice.
Jamba Juice.
The sun is out here while it's foggy on the coast.
The sun is out here while it's foggy on the coast.
Colorful kids section at Barnes and Noble.
Colorful kids section at Barnes and Noble.
Nighttime at the Downtown Center.
Nighttime at the Downtown Center.


Downtown Center Mall is located at 893 Higuera St. You can also access it from the other side at 894 Marsh St. Park along any of the downtown streets nearby and bring quarters for the machines.
From Highway 101, exit at Marsh St and turn east on Marsh St.
Pizza Solo, 891 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, call (805) 544-8786.
Starbucks, 885 Higuera St, call (805) 547-0465.
California Pizza Kitchen, 876 Marsh St, call (805) 784-0790.
Jamba Juice, 890 Marsh St, call (805) 549-0733.
Barnes and Noble Booksellers, 894 Marsh St, call (805) 781-8334.

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09/29/2015 05:22
They have some good stores for shopping!

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