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El Capitan Canyon Concerts

Santa Barbara, CA
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El Capitan Canyon Concerts, Santa Barbara California


A night out at El Capitan Canyon has everything you could want! Two large bonfires add enchantment and beckon you to roast marshmallows on long branches. Stars twinkle brightly in the dark sky away from the city lights. Hundreds of people gather at the picnic tables amidst trees, to drink bottles of wine and feast on picnics. Couples beam with joy while dancing to the live music, which is usually excellent. The band King Bee is my favorite and plays the best songs from rock 'n roll to eighties to present-day rock. Kids come too and dance around with their glow sticks, though it's more fun to get a babysitter and come as a couple because kids could wonder off and get lost on the campground.
The live music is every Saturday night from 7-9pm from end of May to early September. Nights are pretty warm for Santa Barbara because it's a sheltered area in a canyon. You can come at 6pm and have their BBQ for $18 but I've never tried it. There is a $10 cover charge per person to come and join the fun!
Here's the schedule.


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Crowds of people dance to the music.
Crowds of people dance to the music.
One of the bonfires.
One of the bonfires.
The wooden bridge that leads from the parking to the live music stage.
The wooden bridge that leads from the parking to the live music stage.


El Capitan Canyon is located at 11560 Calle Real, Santa Barbara CA 93117, call (805) 685-3887.
From Goleta, head north on Highway 101. There are two El Capitan exits. Take the second one. Instead of turning left at the exit to head to the beach, turn right. Turn left immediately into the El Capitan Canyon driveway and pay at the booth. You will need $10 per person to enter and enjoy the music!

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