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Glenhaven Garden, Leura

Sydney, Australia
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Glenhaven Garden, Leura, Sydney NSW


Glenhaven Garden can be recognized for its giant whale made out of a bush on the corner of the road where the house is located. It is a private house with a garden absolutely overflowing with flowers. Walking the narrow pathways in the midst of the flowers is such a delight! If you are in Leura in the spring, definitely visit this charming garden!
When you enter you see the sweet brick house and balcony with white banisters. The front garden has a lawn at the top and a slope absolutely covered in colorful flowers, including tulips! Flowering vines hang from the balcony and side columns. In the back garden are tall trees, azaleas, stone walls, ironwork decorations, birdhouses, and meditative spots with statues and fountains. Stepping stones lead around a lawn in the backyard bordered by more flowers. Stone steps and a stone fence add to the magic.
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A giant whale topiary greets you as you walk toward Glenhaven Garden.
A giant whale topiary greets you as you walk toward Glenhaven Garden.
Entering the garden.
Entering the garden.
Flowers galore, and sunlight on a sloped lawn.
Flowers galore, and sunlight on a sloped lawn.
The house with a cute white balcony.
The house with a cute white balcony.
Stone steps and flowers of many shades of pink.
Stone steps and flowers of many shades of pink.
Dark pink tulips.
Dark pink tulips.
Incredible wispy flowers and an arbor.
Incredible wispy flowers and an arbor.
Stepping stones through greenest grass.
Stepping stones through greenest grass.
Little sculptures hidden in a pointed archway in the garden.
Little sculptures hidden in a pointed archway in the garden.


Glenhaven Garden is located at a private home at 36 Craigend St, Leura NSW 2780 Australia, call 4784 1473.
Donation to enter is $3 for adults and free for children.
The garden is open daily 10-4, usually in the spring.
It is easy to walk to the garden from the Leura train station. Walk south down Leura Mall street and then turn left on Craigend Street and follow it to the bottom. The house is on your left.

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Visitor Ratings

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10/07/2017 11:48
I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

Yvonne boorer
10/07/2017 10:04
We were a party offive late on Saturday arvo , this garden has so much feeling and passion ,my husband Graham wishes o thank you for the tips, we all loved the colour combination of the flowers,and the whale well that is another story,and what a privilege to let us all share in your paradise, I personally love birds , the bird life , wonderful too.,the King parrots are colourful flowers themselves,Yvoone,Merle,Helen,Doug,Graham...we will be back next year to share your treasures 7.10.2017

Kerstin Hansen
12/11/2016 01:30
We visited beautiful Leura in October 2016 and we were so lucky to find Mr Hardy's absolutely wonderful Glenhaven garden. What an amazing place! Sheer happiness to be there. We were so impressed by everything we saw. And then came the birds... the gorgeous King parrots. It was all like a fairy tale. And it was such a pleasure to meet Mr Hardy himself, who has spent almost a life time on this garden. Thank you so much for letting us visit your paradise!!!

Genie, Alex and Patty
10/01/2016 20:37
Glenhaven deserves more than the maximum of 5 stars. We visited Leura on 30 September 2016 and were awestruck by the incredible beauty of this garden. It has to be one of the most stunning private gardens we have ever seen. It was a special pleasure to meet and talk with the Owner of the property who is himself the sole gardener and has built this Eden from what was originally a vacant block of land. If there is a Heaven on Planet Earth, Glenhaven must be it! Sincere congratulations to this gentleman, and we extend our grateful thanks to him for the privilege of visiting his botanical work of art. Likewise for the informative talk he gave us about the history and progress of this amazing project. Sir, you deserve an award of distinction for the single-handed creation of such a magnificent piece of work.

Miklos Hollo
07/23/2015 18:13
I am quite amazed in these technological days that nobody has ever made a comment about arguably the best garden I have ever witnessed during the Spring Leura Festival.
We were so lucky to get word of mouth to visit it.Indeed truly spectacular.
Two years ago we visited this place and were astounded by the works of one man, from scratch.
All entry fees go to charity. We will be visiting again in 2015.
Thank you Sir for such a wonderful achievement.

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