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Bass Pro Pyramid, Memphis

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Bass Pro Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee TN


A part of the Memphis skyline is a huge glass pyramid. It is a Bass Pro Shop! You can go inside and enjoy the amazing Disneyland atmosphere: colored lights, statues, streams with large fish, stuffed deer. It is almost like visiting an aquarium because there are many tanks and streams within the store full of unusual fish like alligator gars. It costs $10 per person to take the glass elevator to the top. You can stand out on the balcony and enjoy birdseye views of Memphis. Inside, at the top, there's a bar with a circular aquarium behind. Have a drink and take in the ambience. A boy told us how he caught an alligator gar with a bow and arrow and said it had "skin like armor," with a thick southern accent!
After, walk twenty minutes south along the river to Beale Street Landing, or, since there's no shade, you may want to drive (4 minute drive).



Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid are located at 1 Bass Pro Dr, Memphis, TN 38105.
Open 8am-10pm except Sunday when it closes at 7pm. 
Entrance and parking are free, but it costs $10 to ride the glass elevator to the top. 
There is a large parking lot.

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