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Old State House Museum, Little Rock, Arkansas

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Old State House Museum, Little Rock, Arkansas, Tennessee TN


The Old State House Museum has that magical southern charm! As soon as you see it, you know you're in for a treat! Out front is a gorgeous old willow oak tree, a cannon, a fountain, and ironwork benches. The old capitol building facade is graced with four thick white columns. A grand ironwork gate allows you to enter the grounds.
The old capitol building was constructed in the 1830s in Greek Revival style. After a new capitol was built, it was used as a medical school, and you can see the colorful medicine bottles and other medical supplies on display inside.
The front entrance was the site of President Bill Clinton's campaign announcement and both of his election night celebrations. There is a large, poignant photo of the Clinton family, shown from behind, walking out of the State House entrance to greet the crowds. Plenty of photos and information about the Clinton family make the exhibits inside engaging.
Admire the curved wooden staircase inside the building as well as the dome. There are a hodge podge of exhibits but they are interesting: police exhibit, dresses worn by Arkansas first ladies including Hillary Clinton, red suit worn by Hillary, Indian kachina dolls and masks, an old Bendix G-15 computer (kids can see how big computers used to be!), and snake, bear, fruit bat, and walrus bones.
After seeing the first ladies' dresses, girls like to waltz around the legislative chamber room, which looks like a ballroom with its wooden floor and fancy chandeliers. From its windows you can see views of the bridge and river.
After, walk half a mile to River Market, a food court with many international options. Walk a little further and you will come to Clinton Presidential Center, a wonderful modern building on the river where you can learn about Clinton's presidency. 



The Old State House Museum is located at 300 W Markham St, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201, two hours west of Tennessee.

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