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Tennessee Riverwalk, Chattanooga

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Tennessee Riverwalk, Chattanooga, Tennessee TN


The Tennessee Riverwalk is an eight mile paved walking path along the river! It starts at Erwin Marine Riverfront Park in the west. From here you walk past boats, under a bridge, past Southern Belle Riverboat. You look up at the impressive Tennessee Aquarium, and then pass the cute architecture of the Riverset Apartments. Here you look to the water through some trees with painted blue trunks, and then take a really cool squiggly path under the adorable blue Walnut Street Bridge. Under the Chattanooga Glass Pedestrian Bridge you go, and then past a sculpture garden in front of the Hunter Museum of Art. Enjoy the gorgeous turn of the century architecture on 2nd and Spring Streets, stop to take a look at the breathtaking views at the Bluff View Sculpture Garden, and then cross a small blue pedestrian bridge! You are now above the freeway. Walk in the shade of trees in a pretty neighborhood and then reconnect with the river. You stay beside the river for a long while. Part of the way you are on a wooden boardwalk with beautiful blue railing- gosh Chattanooga is so pretty! There's shade galore here! You pass a bamboo grove and some pampas grass, shining in the sun. There are picnic tables with views over the blue water. You pass the popular Boathouse Rotisserie, a smoky-smelling restaurant. The path winds inland for a little while. There are some restrooms and plenty of blue lampposts. You pass a brown bog. Shade is a more sparse here and you are going through an industrial area. Then you cross the South Chickamauga Creek, near where it meets the Tennessee River, on a long narrow blue pedestrian bridge! At this point you can go left, where the path ends at the river, or go right where you pass more industrial buildings and then meet up with the river, where picnic tables await on the riverbanks. You pass a playground for kids with many large structures, a huge pavilion, and fishing piers at Hubert Fry Center, you walk under a bridge checking out the sparkling water. Continue along the water past sweet little solitary spots with views. Finally you arrive at Chattanooga State Community College and the Chickamauga Dam where there are huge ominous electric poles.
Near the Hubert Fry Center you can connect up with the South Creek Chickamauga Greenway.



Erwin Marine Riverfront Park is the west end-point of the Tennessee Riverwalk, located at 201 Riverfront Pkwy, Chattanooga, TN 37402.
Chickamauga Dam and Chattanooga State Community College are the eastern end-point, at 4501 Amnicola Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37406.

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