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University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

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University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, Tennessee TN


University of Tennessee Chattanooga is located in the middle of Chattanooga not far from the river. There is a lot to explore in this town and its pretty mountain surroundings. Market Street and the Walnut Street Bridge are just a ten minute walk from campus.
The campus is hilly and compact, with an attractive library in a modern glass building and some historic red brick buildings. The student center is ok- it doesn't have any special views- and includes the bookstore which is interesting to browse.
While in the area, soak up the atmosphere at Champy's Chicken, where the southern fried chicken is delicious and there is live music on weekends.


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Brick entry gate.
Brick entry gate.
Administrators walk in front of a modern building.
Administrators walk in front of a modern building.
Walkway and trees.
Walkway and trees.
Historic building.
Historic building.


University of Tennessee Chattanooga is located at 615 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga TN 37403, call (423) 425-4111. There is parking along the streets near the college.
Champy's Chicken, 526 E M L King Blvd, Chattanooga TN 37403, call (423) 752-9198.

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