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Punalu'u Black Sand Beach

The Big Island, HI
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Punalu'u Black Sand Beach, The Big Island Hawaii


Punalu'u Beach is a beautiful sight: a beach with a lovely curve and a thick row of palms on one end. Best of all, white foamy waves crash and roll up on black sand. The day we were there it was wildly windy and the ocean was a fantastic blend of greens, blues, and creamy whites. The water looked like a painter's palette. The road to this beach from Kona is lush and tropical, though winding.
Please don't take any sand home, because besides the possible curse you may obtain from the goddess Pele, you would also be depleting the beach of sand that is finite and does not replenish itself.

For an amazing hike, check out Volcanoes National Park and the new lava flows!


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White foam on black sand!
White foam on black sand!
Painter's palette of sea colors at Punalu'u Beach.
Painter's palette of sea colors at Punalu'u Beach.
Turtles at Punalu'u Black Sand beach.
Turtles at Punalu'u Black Sand beach.


Between the 55 and 56 Mile marker on Hwy 11.
There are restrooms and there's a faucet to rinse off your feet.

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07/07/2010 13:28
Great memories of long days @ the beach with my best buds!

10/15/2009 14:53
Drove to Punaluu Beach and thought we were in heaven! Felt like a separate place in the middle of nowhere! Saw so many turtles - lovely beach, sand was really dark. Just had an wonderful time and will be back!

10/06/2009 14:33
gooooood job! you're photos are the best

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