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Marina Park, Ventura

Ventura, CA
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Marina Park, Ventura, Ventura California


Kids will be entertained for hours at this picturesque beach park, my favorite in Ventura. The beach here is lined with attractive, modern beachhouses, that add to the colorful, festive feel. Plentiful dunes create places to play fun games. My son spent hours rolling a tennis ball down the dunes into a designated "goal." A small cove is perfect for swimming and filled with kids jumping about in the icy waves. To the right of the cove are jetties where you can walk out and explore among the rocks. Just left of the cove is a concrete Spanish galleon, where kids can sit inside and play. There are lots of lush grassy hills that add color (sit on a blanket though because they are watered with recycled water). Trees provide some shade. You can watch boats enter and leave the deep blue harbor.
The playground is great! There is a rock-climbing playground with large holes kids can poke their head through to say hello. This playground has a twisty slide and a large climbing area. A small pirate ship is another play area, plus a huge arch kids can climb up. There are regular and baby swings, and two solo spinners. What more could you ask for!
A caveat: Ventura has some brutal whipping winds, most days, and it can be pretty harsh and cold. The Venturans seem to all get out and about and make the most of their town and beaches despite the wind.
If you're hungry, head to downtown Ventura for a meal in a cute cafe, or for an ice cream!


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Fun in the waves!
Fun in the waves!
Busy Summer day at Marina Park. The brutal wind doesn't stop the sun-seekers!
Busy Summer day at Marina Park. The brutal wind doesn't stop the sun-seekers!
Shady spot by the grassy knolls.
Shady spot by the grassy knolls.
Cool beachhouses at Marina Park.
Cool beachhouses at Marina Park.


From Highway 101, exit at Seaward and head towards the ocean. Turn left on Pierpont Blvd and follow it to the end. There is a large parking lot, as well as parking along the neighborhood streets.
There are restrooms.
The address is Pierpont Blvd and Greenock Ln, Ventura CA 93001.

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Kori Detmer
07/31/2017 15:48
Where is the rope swing? I was here on 7-31-17 and it's gone? Was here last June and it was here then?

11/05/2009 22:39
Days past...

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