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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Washington DC
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington DC DC


The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is a unique memorial, with statues on a smaller scale than the other memorials, but more spread out. You can walk past more and more scenes from Roosevelt's time in office including some from the Depression, such as a bread line or a fireside listen to the radio, and they are interesting. Eleanor Roosevelt is the first First Lady to have her own statue. There are waterfalls and big rocks that kids like to climb. I would have loved this memorial more if the waterfalls didn't smell really bad. They need to add some chlorine and take better care of this special memorial! The water features look brown instead of blue-green like they used to look. 
The memorial on the Tidal Basin. Make sure you walk to the south (eleven minutes) to see the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, which is truly spectacular. Walk five minutes north to see the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, also unique with its white granite against the blue sky and breezy, open location on the Tidal Basin.
To delve into another president's life, visit Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, where there's a world-class museum about his life.



Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is located at 1850 West Basin Dr SW, Washington, DC 20242. 
You can park on Ohio SW Dr, and it's a seven minute walk or so, depending on how far away you have to drive to find a spot.
Another option is to park in the Tidal Basin Parking Lot, which google lists as 1500 Evens Maine Parking, Washington DC. It is a 17 minute walk if you go around the north side of the Tidal Basin past the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, or a 19 minute walk if you go around the south side of the Tidal Basin past the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

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