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Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC
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Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC DC


Lincoln Memorial, built in 1922, is one of the most famous memorials on the National Mall. It resembles a colossal Greek Doric temple, and contains a gigantic seated sculpture of Abraham Lincoln, the beloved president who ended the Civil War. Two of his most important speeches are inscribed in the walls. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I have a dream.." speech on the stairs of this memorial. Check out the back of a five dollar bill and you will see an illustration of the memorial.
The memorial is crowded day and night with masses of people. At night it looks especially beautiful, lit up. From the top of the memorial you can see the Washington Memorial obelisk reflected perfectly in the pool. For less crowds, come in the early morning when the sun shines with golden light on the memorial. 
After, walk two minutes northeast to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to see the famous black wall etched with the names of over 50,000 veterans. Or walk two minutes southeast to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, which has a lot of atmosphere with statues of soldiers rising out of the juniper bushes.
For another huge memorial, but nicer because it's open, check out the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, a 25 minute walk away, around the breezy Tidal Basin.
To delve into another president's life, visit Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, where there's a world-class museum about his life.


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View of Washington Monument obelisk, the US Capitol, and the Reflecting Pool from the Lincoln Memorial.
View of Washington Monument obelisk, the US Capitol, and the Reflecting Pool from the Lincoln Memorial.


Lincoln Memorial is located at the far west end of the National Mall. You can park along Ohio Dr SW and walk 10-15 minutes to the memorial, depending how far away you have to drive to find a spot.

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