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Mount Vernon, George Washington's home

Washington DC
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Mount Vernon, George Washington's home, Washington DC DC


Mount Vernon is George Washington's beloved house on a hill over the Potomac River. It's lovely to get out of the chaos of Washington DC and spend a morning here! First you walk through the gardens to the house and check out the colorful side garden. Then you wait for a few minutes in line at your reserved time to enter the house. You go with your group, entering each room, where a different docent tells you something about the room for a few minutes. It's nice to see the river views as you walk under the pretty archways on the side of the house. This is an easy twenty minute tour, just my style! Most of the house is not musty, except one room.
Next, you can check out the grounds where there are graveyards and farm stalls. 
Then, the best part, take plenty of time to check out the museum about George Washington's life. It's a world-class museum with so many amazing exhibits and such interesting information! Kids enjoy the interactive game you can play where you decide what you would have done in time of war.



Mount Vernon is located half an hour's drive south of Washington DC. There is plenty of free parking. Reserve your tickets online a day or more ahead to get a good time slot.
The address is 3200 Mount Vernon Hwy, Mt Vernon, VA 22121.
Open daily 9-5 but you must reserve a time slot online. 
Cost is around $18 for adults and teens, $17 for seniors, $11 for kids aged 6-11, and free for children under age 6. Some maps at your hotel have discount codes in them that you can use online for a discount at this attraction.

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