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National Air and Space Museum

Washington DC
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National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC DC


The National Air and Space Museum is a free, popular and very crowded museum so come before it opens at 10am. It is unbearable in the middle of the day. You don't need tickets to enter.
There are rockets, a hubbell telescope, and fighter planes, as well as exhibits about the wars and pilots. Kids enjoy an exhibit on carrier operations where you can use a landing simulator to land a plane on a boat. There is a room that looks like you're standing on a bridge watching planes taking off. Many items that went to the moon are displayed, such as space suits. A copy of Skylab, the predecessor to the space station, allows kids to walk through and see the toilet, shower, and trash shute that the astronauts must have used.
This museum doesn't have anywhere to sit and rest.  
East of the museum is the National Museum of the American Indian (a 3 minute walk), which has a good kids section, cafe with Native American foods, and gift shop, and then the US Capitol (a ten minute walk). To the north is the National Gallery of Art (a six minute walk), which has some great couches for resting. To the west is the Hirshhorn Museum (a three minute walk), a modern art museum which has a garden where you can sit and rest.



The National Air and Space Museum is located at 600 Independence Ave SW, on the southeastern part of the National Mall.
Entrance is free. Open daily 10-5:30.
You don't need tickets.

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