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National Museum of Natural History

Washington DC
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National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC DC


The National Museum of Natural History is a phenomenal museum! It is in a gorgeous building, with a stuffed elephant in the center. The best part is the gems and minerals section which just continues endlessly with incredible sights! Come first thing in the morning at 10am so you can look at everything in peace. 45 minutes later it starts to get crowded in the museum. 
The oceans section is not that good- mostly signs. The mammals section has many stuffed animals and is done nicely. Check out the tarantula feeding at the insect zoo. There is also a birds and a bones area. 
Since this is such a famous museum, you must come early or you'll be battling crowds!
Walk seven minutes to the east to the less crowded National Gallery of Art. Or walk five minutes to the west to check out the National Museum of American History.


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Sulfur and its lovely yellow color.
Sulfur and its lovely yellow color.


The National Museum of Natural History is located in the center of the National Mall on the north side.

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