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White House Visitor Center and South Lawn

Washington DC
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White House Visitor Center and South Lawn, Washington DC DC


Although the White House Visitor Center is not very impressive, it is fun to go there if you're visiting the South Lawn anyway. You can watch a great video with quotes by people who have lived in the White House, and look at some exhibits. After, go directly to the left as you walk out the White House Visitor Center entrance, past the guard station, to the National Christmas Tree, a blue spruce from Colorado, and then stop at the fence to see the White House and its curved portico (a four minute walk from the visitor center). The view is quite distant but lovely. You can see the gardens and beautiful trees, and the interesting part is that you can see a sniper on the roof! There are also secret service agents everywhere watching your every move. The South Lawn is where the presidential helicopter lands, and where the Easter Egg Rolling Contest is held.
After, walk back past the Visitor Center to Pret a Manger for a delicious pain au chocolat and cup of tea. Or walk nine minutes north of the visitor center to Lafayette Square to see a closer view of the White House from the other side, and enjoy the action of street musicians, activists, and hoards of tourists.



The White House Visitor Center is located at 15th Street NW and Pennsylvania Ave NW. Walk four minutes directly to your left when leaving its entrance to get to the South Lawn viewing area (which is by the National Christmas Tree).
Entrance to the Visitor Center is free and you don't need tickets.

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