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Wine Country/Santa Rosa, CA
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Calistoga, Wine Country/Santa Rosa California


The main strip of Calistoga town is located on Lincoln Avenue, which is Highway 29. Here you will find charming historic store fronts, home to restaurants and bars. North, on Highway 29, you will pass beautiful vineyards backed by pretty mountains. Tree-lined areas will delight you in the autumn with their sunlit golden leaves.
Beware the heat in Calistoga. Even as late as September it can be 100 degrees! We walked around like zombies in the heat trying to find a nice cool restaurant- luckily, there are plenty of them!
While in Calistoga, don't miss out on Sterling Vineyards, a stunning winery up high above the valley reached by Swiss aerial tram, just east on Highway 29!
Also, take a stroll around pretty grounds and Jade Lake, at Montelena Chateau, just north on Highway 29.


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Tree-lined Highway 29, just north of Calistoga town.
Tree-lined Highway 29, just north of Calistoga town.
Vineyards along Highway 29, north of Calistoga town, just south of Tubbs Lane.
Vineyards along Highway 29, north of Calistoga town, just south of Tubbs Lane.


Highway 29 is a funny road when it reaches Calistoga. If you continue straight along it westbound, it will change into Highway 128. To stay on Highway 29, you must turn right and head north. Then you'll be on Lincoln Avenue, the main strip in Calistoga town. I got very lost because of this weird effect! So watch out!
Coming southbound along Highway 29, you will enter the main strip of Calistoga town between Fair Way and Washington Streets. To continue on Highway 29 to see Sterling Vineyards, turn left at Foothill Blvd, the big intersection with the signs. Turning left makes you stay on Highway 29. Whoever designed these roads was nuts!

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05/08/2017 09:45
Great day...Just sat and soaked in the view.

07/21/2010 13:20
Ohhhhh Napa .... I miss you

10/09/2009 20:07
i don't know what i think is more beautiful - this photo along Highway 29 or the afternoon I spent in this lovely place - nice:)

10/01/2009 15:35
Wish I could have spent more time there!

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