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Lake Powell, Page

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Lake Powell, Page, Arizona


I'll never forget the blue-green luminous waters I saw with my family when we visited Lake Powell. Those colors, set against the red red canyon walls were breathtaking. Diving off our little speed boat into the cold, perfect water was a magical experience. What a wonderful place!
Most people stay at Page, Arizona. Seven miles north of Page at the Wahweap Marina, you can rent boats and explore the lake to your hearts content. Lake Powell is actually a canyon like the Grand Canyon that was filled with water to make the Glen Canyon Dam. Lake Powell is actually better to see than the Grand Canyon because instead of peering down from above, you get to interact with the canyon, to really be IN it! And you can swim! For a beach girl like me, that makes all the difference.
When you head out on your boat, bring a picnic because there are little sandy coves to discover. Find and keep one for yourself.
Rainbow Arch, fifty miles by boat from the Wahweap Marina, is a pretty place to see. The Navajo Indians call it "The rainbow turned to stone." All around Lake Powell there are dozens of interesting geological formations, buttes and spires. But the best part are the colors of the water and rock! How to describe such colors? It's impossible...You just have to go! Go in summer when it's warm and you can swim!
A good place to swim if you don't rent a boat is at the three coves off of Coves Loop, just west of the marina. The third cove, which has a sandy beach, is the best.
For a short hike with nice views of the lake, head north on Navajo Drive from Downtown Page. At the end of this street there is a trailhead for the Rimview Trail. Head east from the trailhead. Delight in the views of Lake Powell and red-rock country!
For amazing views of Lake Powell through large glass windows, eat at Rainbow Room in the Lake Powell Resort. The wait will be long for a table but it is worth it! Try the pine-nut-crusted rainbow trout. Yum!



From Flagstaff, take the 89 Freeway north. Follow the signs to Page.
It costs $25 per car to enter the Lake Powell area for 1-7 days.
Rainbow Room is located at 100 Lake Shore Drive, Page AZ 86040, call (888) 896-3829 for reservations.

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02/26/2010 20:44
childhood memories of this plce every year with my extended fam- sweet times

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