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Luxor Resort

Las Vegas, NV
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Luxor Resort, Las Vegas Nevada


The Luxor is a stunning resort in a black glass pyramid. At night, a laser light shoots out the top of the pyramid, and apparently can be seen in space! There is a massive colorful sphinx out front of the hotel, and it's fun to stand and gaze up at just how huge it is.
Inside, explore King Tut's tomb, a painstakingly accurate replica of the one in Egypt. Take the glass slanted elevators in the inside corners of the pyramid for a fun ride. And ride an awesome virtual reality ride inside the arcade area. Kids will love this!
Take the sleek, black monorail to Excalibur Resort and check out the amazing stained glass, swords, and shields, in this medieval-themed resort.
Or take the monorail to the tropical paradise of the Mandalay Bay Resort, with its gold towers that shimmer in the sun, and its world-class aquarium called Shark Reef.


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The top of the pyramid, with laser that is so bright it is said it can be seen from space!
The top of the pyramid, with laser that is so bright it is said it can be seen from space!
The pyramid, by day.
The pyramid, by day.


Located at 3900 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV 89109, between the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Excalibur Hotel. Call (702) 262-4444.
You can park in the small hotel parking lot which leads out to the arcade game area. You can park for free in the hotel parking for the first hour. Parking is $5 for 1-2 hours, $8 for 2-4 hours, and $10 for 4-24 hours.
There is a free monorail between the Luxor, the Mandalay Bay Resort, and Excalibur Resort. Take a ride on it! It's fun!

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