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Treasure Island Hotel

Las Vegas, NV
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Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada


Inside the Treasure Island casino, there are facades of old seafront towns, and statues of mermaids, but overall, this wasn't my favorite hotel on The Strip.
Catch the free tram to The Mirage Resort and check out the lush atrium with endless varieties of orchids and bromeliads, as well as the colorful coral aquarium in the foyer, and the real white tigers and dolphins (for a fee). If you're hungry, enjoy a gourmet pizza at California Pizza Kitchen inside the casino.
At night, it's fun to see two free spectacles nearby: the volcano erupting at The Mirage, and the amazing fountain show at The Bellagio. Both are within walking distance, and are seen from the sidewalk of The Strip. Check the showtimes so you can plan your night!



Treasure Island is just north of The Mirage. It is on Las Vegas Blvd and Spring Mountain Rd, at 3300 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89109, call (702) 894-7111.
You can take a free tram from the Mirage to Treasure Island.
You can park for free in the hotel. Enter from the driveway on Las Vegas Blvd.

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