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Manhattan Beach and Pier

Los Angeles, CA
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Manhattan Beach and Pier, Los Angeles California


Manhattan Beach is a cute beach town. Here the pier reminds of gracious days in the 1920s when women picnicked on the beach in their modest swimsuits. At the end of the pier is an octagonal building, which was built in 1920- the circular shape was designed to protect the pier pilings from waves. It is a beautiful building, all white and fancy. Inside the building, you can visit the Roundhouse Aquarium, and see ten shark tanks, fish tanks, and touch tanks, all for only a $2 donation!
It's fun to stand on the pier and watch the surfers catching a wave. The beach is clean and wonderful for a long walk. At night the pier is elegantly lit with strings of lights. Walk around the fun, surfer-oriented stores on Manhattan Beach Blvd, at the base of the pier.
To the south, check out Hermosa Beach, a really cool beach area with cafes, a happening bike path scene, beach volleyball, a perfect beach and a clean pretty pier.
For a huge beautiful park with four playground areas check out Polliwog Park, east on Manhattan Beach Blvd.


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Little stores and restaurants slope down to the sea, at Manhattan Beach.
Little stores and restaurants slope down to the sea, at Manhattan Beach.
The carefree lifestyle at Manhattan Beach...
The carefree lifestyle at Manhattan Beach...


From Highway 1 (Sepulveda Blvd), turn towards the ocean on Manhattan Beach Blvd and you will come to the pier.
There is metered parking at the beginning of the pier on Manhattan Beach Blvd, for a small fee. 
Roundhouse Aquarium, free admission but suggested donation is $2 each or $5 for a family, call (310) 379-8117. Open 9-sunset on weekends, and 2-5pm on weekdays.

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10/13/2018 04:53
Love the vibe.

11/23/2010 09:11
epic town

07/07/2010 12:45
I miss it in MB! I gave up the beach for the mountains and snow :/

10/15/2009 14:41
when you get onto the beach, LA is terrific - it has green-blue water and white sand, sunshine all year, and is just about perfect. But have you ever tried to drive in LA? It's almost impossible to go from one place to another even just a mile away and all day long it's rush hour.

10/01/2009 14:36
the weather is perfect, you live on the beach, everybody is fun, intelligent and hot

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