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Six Flags Magic Mountain

Los Angeles, CA
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Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles California


Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the most daring rollercoaster parks to visit! It has some of the world's tallest and fastest rides, including the Superman and Goliath with its 255-ft drop!
The first time I went to this park, I was expecting hour-long waits for a 60-second ride. We arrived right at opening time and got into the park really quickly. No one was there. We were able to do every ride in the park within two hours! We had such an amazing time!! Then around noon it started raining and they closed the park. Closing the park meant that everyone got free tickets!! So we went back the very next day and did the whole park again, again within two hours.
The last time I went, however, the park was uncrowded for a mere half-hour and then the hoards arrived. The lines were so long it wasn't funny. Some of the lines had signs saying the wait would be four hours. The moral of the story- try to go on a day when it will be less crowded and arrive right at opening time.
Here are the rides you can expect:
Batman The Ride and Riddlers Revenge: These rides are awesome! They are fast and have very sharp turns. You hang in the ride with your feet free in the air. Not for people with weak necks (or healthy knees, for that matter)!
Superman The Escape: One-shot ride. For the geeks amongst us, it uses linear motors to accelerate your little car along a track that curves straight up and stalls out at the end of the track at 415 feet up. On the way back down you get 6 seconds of free fall.
Scream: This is a floorless coaster that has a 150-ft drop, seven loops, and goes 65 mph!
X2: This ride spins its cars independent of each other as it moves along the tracks. Stomach churning!
Jet Stream: This is a wet ride.
Crazanity: A 17-storey tall pendulum ride.
Bugs Bunny World: This is wonderful for younger kids, aged 2 to 8. Looney Tunes characters give your kids a handshake or hug. There is a free-fall train ride, a Bigfoot truck ride, four rollercoasters, and a balloon ride. Tweety's Escape is a ride in an oversized bird cage, and Looney Tunes Lodge is a two-storey funhouse where you get to shoot hundreds of foam balls at each other. There is also a petting zoo and a fountain with Looney Tunes characters that burst out of the water.
Theater: Live shows give you a great place to have a rest in between the rides. Seasonally themed shows are a lot of fun.
Summertime nightime parade: Featuring DC Comic Superheroes and Looney Tunes characters.
Wear good shoes because you will do a lot of standing and walking at Magic Mountain. Also, in the morning it can be quite cold so bring a jacket.
If you need a place indoors to hang out with your kids before or after the park, there is a Barnes and Noble Bookstore on the corner of Valencia and Magic Mtn Blvds, a nine minute drive away.
Other amusement parks to enjoy are Universal Studios and Disneyland, my favorite.


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The Batman ride.
The Batman ride.
Superman ride, from the side.
Superman ride, from the side.
Superman ride, from the front.
Superman ride, from the front.


Six Flags is located on Magic Mountain Parkway, in Valencia. It is alongside the 5 Freeway, near where it meets the 126 Highway. You exit at Magic Mountain Parkway. There are clearly marked signs. The address is 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia CA 91355.
Cost is around $90 depending on the date. Buy online to save time and money. Parking costs $25. Call (661) 255-4100 for hours and days open.

Barnes and Noble. On the corner of Valencia and Magic Mountain Blvds. 23630 Valencia Blvd. From Highway 5 southbound, exit at Magic Mountain Pkwy and turn left on Magic Mountain Pkwy. Turn right on Valencia Blvd and the bookstore is on your right. Exit Highway 5 northbound at Valencia Blvd and turn right. After 1.7 miles make a u-turn at Magic Mountain Pkwy. The bookstore is on your right. Call (661) 254-6604.

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08/27/2010 16:39
this park is insane!!!!

10/22/2009 19:15
December 13th is a special day! I am coming to LA for a fun filled week at a bunch of amusement parks!

10/01/2009 14:56
Comin in the fall, from the east coast! can't wait to get some rides, hows everyone doin?

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