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Theme Building, LAX

Los Angeles, CA
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Theme Building, LAX, Los Angeles California


Theme Building is an LA icon. Built in space-age style, it looks like a UFO! Come on weekends for a 360 degree view from the observation tower. It's really fun to watch the planes take off from up here. I would only come here if I had to go to the airport though, because the traffic is awful around LAX. 
This is a great place when you're waiting to pick someone up at the airport because the airport waiting area is really awful. If you have a few hours to kill because of a delayed flight you could also go to The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center. If you've just arrived from a long flight a nice place to run around and get some exercise is Santa Monica Beach and Pier, about 30 minutes by car. 
To watch the planes land at take off at LAX, drive over to LAX Lookout Point.


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View of the airport from the slanted windows.
View of the airport from the slanted windows.


This building stands on its own, at LAX airport. Exit the 105 or 405 Freeway following signs to LAX, and once at LAX, follow the signs that say "arrivals." Theme Building is between Terminal 1 and 2. Park in the parking for Terminal 2 and walk around to the building's entrance. You can see the building because it looks like a UFO! Click "satellite" on the map to see the UFO-shaped building from above.
Parking costs about $5 an hour.
Open 8-5 on weekends.

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02/26/2010 20:45
good place to rest at lax :))))

Sara E
12/06/2009 19:36
Oh my. This place is too cute!

10/06/2009 14:09
woo hoo! now we have somewhere to see before our flight

10/01/2009 15:01
thank you very much

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