Carmel-By-The-Sea Beach

Monterey, CA

Carmel-By-The-Sea Beach is an unusual beach of super-soft snow white sand. It will take your breath away when you first catch sight of it! Stone beach houses and tall Monterey Cypress trees sit high above the beach, which slopes steeply down to the sea. Tourists and residents take long strolls in the cold biting sea air. Dogs play happily. The sand is so white that the waves look creamy rolling in to shore. It's a gorgeous scene!
After your stroll, warm up with a cup of tea at Ocean Avenue, the main strip in Downtown Carmel-By-The-Sea.
One of the most enchanting beaches on earth is just south of here- China Cove. Also gorgeous is Carmel River State Beach, with its coarse golden sand and deep inky blue water.
While in Carmel, take a day to do the Big Sur Coastline Drive to San Simeon. It is something you will always remember!

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The beach access path at 8th Avenue. It entices you to come see the wonderful beach!

The sand is so fine, so soft, and so white! Like fairy dust!

View to the south. Plenty of happy souls taking a stroll.

Looking back up the steep white beach at the beach houses and fantastic trees. A fun spot for kids to roll down.

Boys play in the icy water on a summer day.

Shiny waves.

Waves roll over the white sand.

From Highway 1 exit at Ocean Avenue. Follow it towards the sea and at the end, turn left on Scenic Rd. You can park along Scenic Rd or on one of the side streets like 8th Ave, and there are many beach access points along the road.


2010-07-07 19:03:00

i love this liveing )


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2009-11-06 04:36:00

take me with you!!!!and take me to sf too =) i will be in california in 2 years!!!)


2009-10-15 02:24:00

Stormy, beautiful)


2009-09-09 21:18:00

Want to find the nicest places? Follow the rich people. Carmel suits that statement to a T. Cypress-lined granite cliffs, fancy houses, white sand.)

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