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The Fly, Audobon Park

New Orleans
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The Fly, Audobon Park, New Orleans LA


The Fly is a grassy area on the Mississippi River with shaded gazebos and benches overlooking the water. It's a very plain flat spot on the brown, soupy water with not much going for it. It's also very hard to get to and you must encounter an abundance of potholes to find your way here. Audobon Park in general is a plain, disappointing spot and not worth a visit, except to see the pretty, historic houses on the side streets surrounding the park. I hope your car is strong though because it will take a beating driving on these streets.
A much better place to visit while in New Orleans is City Park with its glorious oak trees draped in Spanish moss and its amazing and inexpensive attractions: Storyland, Carousel Gardens, Besthoff Sculpture Garden and New Orleans Botanical Garden.


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Gazebo on the Mississippi River.
Gazebo on the Mississippi River.


The Fly is super hard to find in a maze of streets in Audobon Park. You can try punching intersection of River Dr and Aquarium Dr into your GPS and then follow River Dr from there. You cannot get there easily from the east side of the park. The best way would be to turn south on River Dr from Magazine St.

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