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New York City
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SoHo, New York City New York


SoHo used to be called the Cast Iron District, and is filled with elaborate cast-iron late 19th century buildings that were used as factories and warehouses. It was destined to be demolished to make way for an expressway, when in the 1960s, preservationists saved it. Rents were cheap, and lofts let in nice natural light, so artists began taking up residence in the area, despite the fact that it was not residentially zoned. Because of the artists, SoHo became a trendy area. By the 1980s it was too expensive for the artists to stay there, and now it is an area of boutiques, galleries, and cafes. This change, which has occurred in other areas, such as some areas of San Francisco, is now called the SoHo Effect!
North SoHo is where the expensive boutiques abound, and artists gather here on the sidewalks, along Broadway, Prince, Wooster, and Spring Streets. Don't miss the marvelous architecture on Greene Street. South SoHo, along Grand and Canal Streets, is more like SoHo's former self, more rundown and less overrun with tourists.
Brooklyn also has some nice architecture- 19th century rowhouses of all different colors. 



The area is bounded by Houston Street in the north, Lafayette in the east, Canal in the south, and Varick in the west.
Take the N or R to Prince; C, or E to Spring Street; or 6 to Spring Street.

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